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1/2 Day Lake Mead Kayak



Experience the best Las Vegas Kayak Tours. Lake Mead is the setting for this amazing paddling adventure. The perfect kayak trip for all skill levels, (including those with no experience), this relaxing journey is a must!

Cruise out to the Boulder Islands for a leisurely hike, look for seashells on the beaches, or enjoy a refreshing swim in crystal clear waters. Enjoy a picnic style lunch to top off a great day of kayaking on Lake Mead.

This trip is a beautiful, peaceful lake experience! Tour includes all equipment (high performance boat w/ rudder, paddle, life vest), plus a dry bag for your gear.

Be sure to wear a bathing suit in summer months; the water temperatures are perfect for swimming. A professional guide will be at your side all day to offer instruction, stories, local history, and the information about construction of the Hoover Dam. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your kayaking adventure on Lake Mead.

Colorado River Kayak


Colorado River Kayak

Try this amazing kayak experience in Black Canyon. The lower Colorado River is moving flat water with no rapids – just beautiful green waters. It is perfect for beginner and seasoned paddlers alike.

Travel across the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, into Arizona. Your destination is Willow Beach, where you will load your kayaks, and gear up for your journey on the Colorado river.

Kayak past the Fish Hatchery, toward the emergence of a historic trailhead. Take a break and enjoy a short hike with spectacular views. Explore the ruins before returning to the kayaks.

Back on the river, the green waters of Black Canyon flow through a narrow channel, where Emerald Cave is hidden. Paddle inside for a great photo opportunity. Watch for Desert Big Horn sheep, bald eagles, coyotes, and striped bass.

Beyond Emerald Cave and the catwalk sits a sandy beach, where you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch with million dollar views. Take a refreshing swim in the green waters of the Colorado River before kayaking back to Willow Beach.


Mountain Bike To Hoover Dam




Mountain Biking / Hoover Dam

Come experience one of the newest bike paths in the Las Vegas valley. Recently opened, this beginner friendly River Mountains bike trail will take you leisurely downhill toward Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.
After some basic riding instruction, you will set off toward the trailhead and be immediately rewarded with spectacular views of Lake Mead. A short stop gives you the opportunity to see Bighorn Sheep, so don’t forget the camera. Resting points along the way will allow for explorations, photos, and questions about the area.
The bike path continues to meander toward Lake Mead where you can stop at the Lake Mead Visitors Center for restrooms and water. Visit the wildlife exhibit and learn about local plants and animals of the Mohave desert.
Back at the railroad tunnel trailhead, you will prepare to embark on a historic journey. Ride your bike through five giant tunnels, where trains transported concrete to the Hoover Dam 24 hours/day for two years. Take some time to explore the Hoover Dam, snap some photos, or take the tour into the depths of this engineering wonder.
After lunch, we will pack up the mountain bikes and gear before heading back to Las Vegas to finish off an unforgettable experience. This trip is rapidly becoming a customer favorite!

Surf And Turf



Get dusty on miles of single-track, and cool off in the refreshing waters of Lake Mead. Adventure seekers will love this multi-sport trip that begins with mountain biking and ends with kayaking.
Your adventure starts as you are fitted to your mountain bike. Views of Lake Mead are ever present as you drop nearly 1500 feet in elevation, making your way toward the Hoover Dam.
The trail winds past Heminway Park, a favorite shady place for local Desert Bighorn sheep. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready, as herds gather in large numbers.
Cruise past creosote bushes and blooming cactus, through 5 historic railroad tunnels as the trail delivers you to the Hoover Dam. Explore this magnificent structure, before returning to the trail.
A few more miles of biking and kayaks suddenly appear. Here you will swap your mountain bikes for kayaks, giving your legs a rest and putting your arms to work.
Your destination is the Boulder Islands, where a picnic style lunch will be served as you relax in the warm sun. Water temperatures on the lake are perfect for swimming, and on a hot day it is the perfect way to cool down.
Wooden skeletons of sunken boats are exposed as you explore the area in your kayak. Trout and striped bass are seen jumping in the water or swimming under your kayak. Enjoy a leisurely paddle back to shore to top of an extraordinary day of biking and kayaking on Lake Mead.