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Amazing Vegas Adventures is a Las Vegas based activity reseller specializing in outdoor adventure tours. We arrange a variety of adventures for individuals as well as large groups.

Las Vegas is one of the top outdoor tour destinations in America. Our unique desert landscape along with tremendous history and natural wonders makes Las Vegas an amazing place to book an excursion. Drive yourself Off road on a scenic tour to the mighty Colorado River or fly over one of the seven wonders of the world called the Grand Canyon. SHOOT fully automatic military grade weapons OUTSIDE after riding in the worlds longest MONSTER TRUCK and looking down off the worlds TALLEST free standing concrete arch BRIDGE onto the world famous HOOVER DAM. Go Hiking in the VALLEY OF FIRE and take pictures that look like you’re walking on the surface of Mars, or go jump out of a perfectly good airplane over hundreds of miles of open desert. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN.

The founder of Amazing Vegas Adventures is Brandon Taylor a tour guide with 15 years of experience. That’s 10 years in Las Vegas and another 5 in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai where he was born.

After doing off road tours in Hawaii and teaching surfing lessons on the beach he came to Las Vegas to raise his son and immediately started working as a tour guide in the desert. After guiding hundreds of tours, AMAZING VEGAS ADVENTURES is created by people who are not afraid to get dirty, and know what to do during the day to maximize your time when you’re in Fabulous Las Vegas.